Estate Planning

Step-By-Step Estate Planning

The best time to plan for a rainy day is when the sun is shining. The same holds true for estate planning.

There’s no question that today is the day to start preparing for a comfortable retirement, or to start thinking about designing an estate plan that maximizes the benefit to your loved ones in the event of your death.

At Bluestone Wealth & Trust, we have designed a comprehensive service to help our customers accomplish just that. We provide a unique approach to estate planning that effectively integrates the legal and financial aspects of asset management in order to fully protect you and your family well into the future.

With an investment of just a few hours of your time, you’ll be provided with a comprehensive professional analysis of how you can preserve your assets and protect your estate.

  • What Can We Do For You?

    • We can help seniors and their adult children with long-term care planning and estate planning, with managing assets in retirement and even planning for possible incapacity in later life.
    • We can help people in their 50’s manage their retirement assets, plan long-term care strategies, deal with inheritances and make care plans for elderly parents.
    • We can help parents with children under age 18 with guardianship issues, asset management and college education planning.
    • We can help parents with a special-needs child provide for ongoing guardianship for the child, and with asset management designed for the child’s continued care.
    • We can help single people without children plan for financial security, and for the distribution of their assets in the event of their death.
    • We can help small business owners with business succession planning.
    • We can help property owners avert liability issues and avoid probate.*
    • We can help people with taxable estates of over $1 million with estate tax planning.*
  • The Estate Planning Process

    1. Fact-Finding Session

      The Process is very straightforward. The first step is to meet with a member of the financial planning team for a no additional cost, no-obligation fact-finding meeting.

      You’ll discuss your financial goals and review pertinent information about your income and taxes, retirement accounts, personal property and real estate holdings and liabilities such as mortgages and loans. This meeting creates the framework for building your personal financial plan. The information you provide is then reviewed by an estate planning attorney. This can either be your own current attorney or an independent attorney, referred by one of our Bluestone Wealth & Trust.*

    2. Legal Analysis & Review*

      After a thorough review of your situation, an attorney* prepares an action plan of steps you may want to consider to protect your assets and maximize your resources.

      This may include updating your current documents to make them consistent with your objectives and to bring them up to current tax laws. If you have yet to formally address your concerns, your plan may include writing or updating a will, establishing a durable power of attorney and health care proxy, naming guardians for minor children, if necessary, and the creation of trusts. It may also address other dominant need issues such as your retirement, long-term care or business succession planning.

      The steps will be explained in detail, giving you decision-making confidence. And, you’ll be provided with the independent attorney’s* flat-fee charge for each service. If your plan includes financial investments which are offered through Infinex Investments, Inc., representatives will be available to help you.

    3. You Choose*

      At this point, you can decide to take your personalized action plan to an attorney* of your choice for follow-up.*

    4. Survivorship Benefit

      We are actively involved in your planning process. We can be a valuable resource to your family members in the event of your death, helping with the many details involved in the transition of your estate.

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* Neither Infinex, our representatives, or Bluestone Bank provide any tax or legal advice. Individuals are advised to consult their own accountant, tax advisor, or legal advisor for their particular situation.

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