Shopping for a Home

It can be tough to find the perfect home, and it sure is competitive once you find “the one”. Bluestone Bank can put you in the best competitive position with preapproval and our Lock and Shop Program.


Realtors and sellers may require “preapproval” – determining your borrowing ability - before they’ll consider an offer. Bluestone Bank will underwrite your credit, employment, income and assets and issue a Home buyer Certificate to satisfy this requirement. This Home buyer Certificate arms you with the knowledge of what you can afford and the confidence to compete for the home.

Lock and Shop Program

Worried about rising interest rates? With our Lock and Shop Program*, look for your dream home at your own pace, without the added pressure of unpredictable rate changes. We can’t forecast when rates will change and in which direction they will go, but we can help you have peace of mind. Avoid uncertainty, lock in a low rate at the same time you get preapproved.

Need More Information?

For more information about this program, contact a Loan Officer at 508.884.3300.

*The Lock and Shop program is available for only certain loan programs, loan amounts, and loan-to-value ratios. Interest rate and points will be locked in for 45 days at our then current Lock & Shop Interest Rate. Once you sign a Purchase & Sale Agreement, your current Lock & Shop interest rate and points will be extended for 45 days to allow you time to close. In the event you do not close within this 45 day final rate lock period, your interest rate and points are subject to change.