Additional Services

Banking Services That Make Life Easier.

Life is what happens when you’re making other plans, right? That’s why we offer a range of convenient services that give you total control over your personal banking accounts and access to your cash anytime, anywhere.

  • Deposit Insurance

  • Debit MasterCard®

    What do you get when you combine the power of a debit card with ATM access? The ultimate in banking convenience! Use your Bridgewater Savings Debit MasterCard® at thousands of locations worldwide to make purchases and get cash back from your personal checking account, or to access ATMs.

    To report your Debit MasterCard card lost or stolen, please call 800.236.2442.

    Travel and Your BSB Debit Card

    In order to help protect your accounts, Bridgewater Savings places purchase restrictions on debit cards to protect the card holder. These restrictions involve daily limits and geographic areas. Often when traveling to an area that is heavy with card fraud, such as California, you may find your debit card is declined when you know it shouldn’t be.

    If you are planning to travel outside of Massachusetts, or out of the country, please contact us with your travel dates and destination. We can adjust your card to allow transactions for your travel area.

    The purpose for any of these restrictions is to stop any fraud before it occurs which protects you and the bank. By contacting us, we can work with you to lift restrictions for your legitimate transactions.

    Also, read about our enhanced fraud prevention tool: Text Fraud Alerts.

    MasterCard Automatic Biller Update

    MasterCard is requiring all debit card issuers to participate in their Automatic Biller Updater Program. This allows for automatic update of a cardholder's expiration date or card number (if a new card number is issued) to merchants who have the cardholder's information on file for direct and/or recurring billing.

    For example, you may have set up a monthly payment to cover your gym membership using your Bridgewater Savings Debit MasterCard. When the card renews and you are issued a replacement card with a new expiration date, you would normally need to contact your gym to update your card information. With the MasterCard Automatic Biller Updater Program, we, Bridgewater Savings, would update the information for you. This would happen only on merchants where you have set up direct or recurring billing using your Debit MasterCard.

    You have the right to opt out of this service. Please call us at 800.356.8622.

  • ATM Network

    Conveniently access your cash when on-the-go. Avoid ATM surcharges by using your Bridgewater Savings ATM card or Debit MasterCard® at ATMs displaying the SUM logo. Foreign ATM fees may still apply.


    Whether at home or on the road, find a DOLLAR$TOP ATM and stop, save and go. There are thousands of convenient, easy-to-find locations nationwide where you can access your cash by simply using your Bridgewater Savings Debit/ATM card at the no-surprise price of just $1.00. Foreign ATM fees may still apply. No sign-up or registration is required - start saving today.

    Look for the bright red DOLLAR$TOP logo, visit or download the free DOLLAR$TOP locator app at your favorite app store.*

  • Direct Deposit

    Save time by having your paycheck, government check or other regularly occurring payment deposited directly into your Bridgewater Savings personal checking account.

  • Online Check Reordering

    Running low on checks? It’s easy to reorder them online through Harland Clarke.

  • Telephone Banking

    Put us on speed dial! Call our toll-free 877.527.4343 at any time to hear your account balance, the amount and date of your last deposit, interest earned and even information about a specific check. Additionally, you can sign up to transfer funds between accounts. Download our easy to follow Telephone Banking Instruction Guide.

  • Bank By Mail

    Prefer to bank by mail? You have that option too! Simply use our pre-addressed postage paid envelopes. We’ll process your transaction and send you a receipt in the mail.

  • Overdraft Protection Line of Credit

    Life happens. Avoid the cost and embarrassment of bounced checks by applying for an overdraft protection line of credit to connect to your personal checking account.

  • Automatic Account Transfers

    Put your savings on autopilot! With Automatic Account Transfers, we’ll transfer funds from one Bridgewater Savings statement account to another automatically. You decide how much and how often, and we’ll do the rest. It’s a great way to pay yourself first and put money aside for the holidays, travel or other special expenses.

  • It Pays To Tell Your Age!

    If you are 65 years or older (or 18 or under) we will waive the monthly service charges and fees on your personal checking and/or savings accounts. If you are eligible, please call us at 800.356.8622 so we can update our records.

*Available for iPhone® and AndroidTM. DOLLAR$TOP, “Stop. Save. Go.” and design are trademarks of NYCE Payments Network, LLC.