Recent Scam Alerts

Scam AlertThe Massachusetts Bankers Association continues to receive information from member banks regarding fraudulent activity, creative scams and debit card losses. In an effort to assist our members, we wanted to highlight some recent scams.

We recently learned that a renewed effort to scam “secret shoppers” into initiating funds transfers and moneygrams across the country. The scam works like this:

  • A customer receives a letter in the mail along with a check for $2,650.
  • The letter requests that the target deposit the item “for cash”, and instructs them to purchase an item at a Walmart for under $30 and then complete two (2) funds transfers in the amount of $1,100 each.
  • The target is then instructed to keep $350 as compensation for their work as a “secret shopper.”
  • A series of instructions for providing feedback on the customer experience is included in the letter, along with a working email address and telephone number.
  • Copies of the check and the letter may be viewed.

We have also heard of an uptick in debit card losses due to fraud through the popular ride services Uber and Lyft in and around the greater Boston area.

Finally, it is a sad fact of life that during humanitarian crises scam artists may take advantage of situations through phishing or other schemes.  Most recently, the request to assist victims of Hurricane Harvey.  Please be aware of Hurricane Harvey phishing scams that have been circulating.

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